Hufcor Acoustic Operable Partitions

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Hufcor operable partitions are manufactured in the USA and Germany. Also known as Airwalls®, folding walls, flat panels, movable walls, and room dividers, Hufcor operable partitions set the standard for quality, durability, acoustic separation, and ease of movement. They are the creative way to add flexibility and functionality to your space.

Operable partitions consist of a series of interlocking flat panels that are approximately 4’ [1219] wide and suspended from overhead tracks. Heights range from over-the-counter use to the nearly 60’ [18.3m] tall panels used in convention centers.

Hufcor operable partitions are identified as the Series 600 in both 3” [76] and 4” [102] thick models. Both models offer picture framed protective edge trim as standard, however, each may be supplied with a monolithic, untrimmed vertical edge, if preferred.

Our quick-set™ retractable top and bottom seals provide the easiest in-field operation - a simple half-turn of the waist high removable handle extends or retracts the sound seals.

The partitions may be finished with a selection from our standard vinyl colors (included in the price) or with optional fabric, carpet, veneer, high pressure laminate, murals, or other custom surfaces.

As with all Hufcor products, operable partitions are custom manufactured to job site dimensions. And, all models have been designed to provide varying levels of sound control. An array of accessories and options such as inset markerboards, pass doors, pocket doors, prep for windows, etc., provide additional functionality.

Although we offer the most comprehensive selection of operable partitions, occasionally our “standard” products won’t meet your needs. Our talented engineers can design custom partitions for a specific application.

Operable partitions are available in three configurations. These configurations may be used alone or combined to create the flexibility needed. Operable partitions may also be combined with our accordion or glasswall products.


  • Select for Durability and Aesthetics: The 641 offers panel finishes for the ultimate in design flexibility. Even the frames may be color matched to coordinate with the faces. The 641 is a popular choice for hotel meeting rooms, convention centers, commercial facilities, or other high use facilities.
  • Standard Features: The panels are nominally 4” [101] thick, and have a 16 ga. steel frame. The top and bottom horizontal sound seals are retractable and provide floor clearance (to accommodate out-of-level floors). The faces may be covered from a wide selection of vinyl colors and patterns.
  • Individual, Omni-Directional Panels: Individual, manually operated panels offer optimum room flexibility. The track system enables panels to negotiate turns and be used in alternate locations.
  • How to Obtain: Hufcor partitions are sold, installed, and serviced by factory-trained local authorized Distributors in the United States and by Licensees and Distributors outside the U.S.A.
  • Delivery: Panels are custom built for your specific project. Lead times vary due to seasonal fluctuations. Check with your Distributor for the current schedule.
  • Warranty: Track and panels are guaranteed for two years against defects in material and workmanship.

Look for these features when comparing similar products.

  • 1. Feature: Protective vertical trim (Available option: no protective vertical face trim.) Benefit: Trim protects the panel edges and faces plus it provides a handhold when moving panels.
  • 2. Feature: Quick-Set™ Retractable Seals . Benefit: The retractable seals are Quick-Set™ which means they are easily extended or retracted with only a 1/2 turn of the removable handle. No tedious cranking needed to set the seals.
  • 3. Feature: 2” [50] retractable bottom seals Benefit: Retractable seals accommodate out-of-level floor conditions. When retracted, nothing drags on the floor when the panels are moved. Panels can be “locked” in place.
  • 4. Feature: Retractable seals exert upward and downward seal force Benefit: Provides constant force against the track and floor for optimum acoustics even on carpet or other porous floor materials. Maintains panel stability when the seals are set.
  • 5. Feature: Waist high seal activator for quick set retractable seals. Benefit: Fast, easy seal activation without bending or stooping.
  • 6. Feature: Removable operating handle. Benefit: Prevents unauthorized operation.
  • 7. Feature: Expanding Jamb Closure (Lever Closure) Panel Benefit: Exerts 250 lbs [113.4 kg] of force against the fixed wall. The compression creates tight panel joints for optimum sound control.
  • 8. Feature: Interlocking vertical seals Benefit: Ensures panel-to-panel alignment and prevents sound leaks between panels.

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