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Control Light

Having control of light is a key for having productive environment. Natural light is one of the most important design elements in architecture today. The Danpalon technology gives a designer the tools with them he can take control of light, while providing beautifull designs that will remain contemporary for years to come, Including a selection of colors, light transmission levels and configurations.

Sunlight brightens and contributes to the well-being of all. Possessing control of light, can bring daylight indoors and make us more comfortable and may even improve productivity. Too much sunlight, however, causes overheating and glare making the lack of control of light more of a problem.

The Controlite, a measure of control of light, is an intelligent daylighting system with rotating louvers- RotaBlades, that provides the optimal amount of light all year round while avoiding unwanted heat. The Controlite optimizes daylight for increased comfort, manages light transmission and reduce solar heat. Control of light assists in saving energy and reduces CO2 emissions and it has sustainable design for energy-efficient buildings.

Natural Light

There are many significant advantages to the natural light in life. There are many studies in this matter proving that children, studying in a natural light environment, succeed more and achieve better grades than students whose studying environment includes artificial light.

The same studies were conducted in factories and concluded that employees, working in artificial light instead of natural light were less effective in their production output. Another conclusion from these studies indicates that the better ambiance and the pleasant feeling the natural light contribute to our lives.

The Danpalon system offers substantial physiological and psychological benefits in all work and living spaces by supplying measures that diverge natural light indoors.

Translucent Material

The most important and significant contribution of the Danpalon's microcell system - is its' ability to transfer the light in its natural form, with the use of translucent materials.

The Danpalon Microcell system provides the best light diffusion, eliminating glare from direct sunlight and creating a UV radiation barrier. Many of the world's top architects have chosen Danpalon's translucent material day lighting products to support their most notable designs.

Danpalon translucent standing seam system is a bright solution for bringing in the natural light. Translucent material with thermal insulation The Danpalon product has the advantage of light weight. Made out of translucent material, this product has characteristics of translucent options and of thermal insulation, similiar to glass. Danpalon has the transparency of the glass which provides the natural daylight inside the closed space. The main advantage of the translucent polycarbonate product over glass is the price and the lack of lucidity of glass.

The use of stainless steel fasteners provides thermal expansion and eliminates the need for penetrations through the sheet, hence the structure is 100% watertight. Translucent material enables a dispersion of day light, generating a pleasant soothe surrounding. The Danpalon Microcell design features more cells and layers which gives the panel significantly less thermal conductivity. Thermal insulation without opacity is achieved using two Danpalon panels enclosing an insulating air strip.

Danpatherm is the first thermal insulating system which is of a translucent material. The Danpatherm + version also incorporates an additional translucent ‘Light Diffuser' material in between the Danpalon panels

Visual Comfort, Acoustic Comfort

The Danplaon product is the first of a comfortable convenient element in sight. The light transcends through the Danpalon panels and upgrades the atmosphere in the room. In addition, the acoustics in the space is high quality and the noise isolation also improves the surrounding ambiance in general. Danpalon's panels used as a thermal insulation, prevents cold and heat penetration with the ability to allow the natural sun light through the panels.

The fully assembled system is free floating. Each component is free to thermally expand or contract at its own rate, eliminating waves or deflection and maintaining the structural properties of the material. The various colors and visual effects offer a diverse palette of creative options for all designers to use in their own unique designs.

Daylighting Products

The Danpalon translucent panels are daylighting products used to transport natural light to confined spaces. It has been proven repeatedly that natural daylight is an important factor in the human beings lives, making daylighting products a necessity to many working facilities. Throughout the product the light can be monitored so that it will be delicate and reassure a pleasant atmosphere.

Recent studies have found that prolonged exposure to artificial lighting can be damaging to one's physical and psychological health, ergo, establishments that keep the well being of their employees in mind should look into daylighting products. Providing natural daylight can improve productivity by up to 10%.

These benefits are particularly noticeable in retail and educational buildings where daylight products are common in supplying natural light. Danpalon is the complete Daylighting solution offering exceptional quality of light, thermal insulation and UV protection with a rich non-industrial visual appeal.

Daylighting Products

Danpalon has more positive values, more built in benefits and eliminates more potential hazards than any other system. There are many advantages to a translucent skylight from energy saving to the design aspect. A translucent skylight is known to upgrade a buildings values.

The Danpalon translucent skylight is made of standing seam technology, the latest and most advanced system for architectural skylight applications. Since natural light is one of the most important design elements in architecture today, Danpalon systems ensure that the building envelope is covered by a day lighting system, which includes a translucent skylight that provides unequaled durability and lifetime performance.

Intelligent Daylighting

Today, the use of light is being monitored and calculated, intelligent day lighting means the scattering of light. For example,the danpalon protection panel of the Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo de Vinci in the Louvre museum in Paris, France is where one can see a use of intelligent daylighting. Danpalon's panels filters the light over the Mona Lisa work of art, provides exceptional quality of light, a rich non-industrial visual appeal and delivers superior durability, thermal insulation and 99.9% UV protection, an outcome of the use of intelligent daylighting.

In order to ensure intelligent daylighting for larger and more complicated surfaces Danpalon's Microcell are available in a range of thicknesses and widths. The Microcell structure transmits an even diffusion of natural light, producing a rich look similar to glass, but also has the advantages of intelligent daylighting. Specifically designed for architectural daylight applications, the tight spacing between the ribs produces a superior quality of light and an aesthetically appealing look that can only be achieved by using intelligent daylighting.

Polycarbonate Translucent Panels

Danpalon's unique polycarbonate translucent panels are manufactured in a process called Extrusion. The polycarbonate grains are being transported through a special tube that manufacture the panels and by pulling the product out of the tube- the form of the panel is being molded. The polycarbonate translucent panels are being manufactured in 60 cm width in order to apply ease of access during installation. The manufactured panel is generally 12 meters for shipping, but can be been manufactured in lengths of up to 33 meters.

The Danpalon daylighting system is manufactured from the highest quality polycarbonate. The performance of polycarbonate translucent panels is certified by strict testing from worldwide institutions. The polycarbonate translucent panel offers a new concept in architectural glazing providing outstanding performance and flexibility in design. The system consists of a main panel with snap-on connecting profiles made of aluminum or polycarbonate.

Our Expertise

  • Building systems for
    • Remarkable and audacious architecture
    • Comfortable and well balanced natural light
    • Excellent thermal insulation
    • Friendly and efficient installation
  • A team at your disposal to
    • Find the system that best suits the projects objectives
    • Support in the definition of the details and layout plans of your project
    • Follow the project from start to end
  • Inventor of an innovative system
    • Pioneer in the translucent connected systems
    • Inventor of the double teeth vertical standing seam
    • Unique Microcells
  • Durability and sustainability of our products
    • 25 years experience
    • + 1.3 million m² installed
    • Projects created by famous architects

    Quality & Environment

  • High quality production
    • An ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified plant
    • High-end raw material: panels extruded from MAKROLON
    • High UV protection
    • Quality tests performed along the production line
    • Production promoting recycling
    • Unique and modern extrusion lines
  • Certified systems approved by French building control offices
    • Technical Requirements books agreed by SOCOTEC for Danpalon, Controlite and Everlux
    • CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment) technical review
    • Avis technique 2/09-1343 Bardage
    • Avis technique 2/09-1381 Danpatherm K7

    Benefits of Danpalon

    • Unique microcells
    • Unparalleled design
    • Surprisingly lightweight
    • Excellent light transmission
    • Excellent thermal performance
    • Superior air and water tightness