ADEXSI solution for lighting, daily and smoke ventilation

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ADEXSI has become one of the world leading actors in the market of skylights, daily and natural smoke ventilators. Our 3 factories and 450 employees manufacture more than 80,000 units per year. These human, technical and logistic capacities allow a production of the highest standards. With regular skylights, ventilators and control systems on stock, short delivery times can be obtained. Thanks to the experience and knowledge of the Adexsi team, global solutions for lighting, daily-and smoke ventilation for any type of buildings can be offered.

Our 2 research and development departments do work on the development of new products, participate at the elaboration of the European Standards and can study all specific inquiries. The experience and the technical expertise of the Adexsi staff can be used for product trainings, methods of calculation as well as installation of lighting, daily and smoke ventilation systems.

  • A complete range
  • ADEXSI offers a full range of skylights, daily and smoke ventilators which can be installed on any type of roofs. The smoke ventilators are activated by pneumatic, electric or mechanical energy. The range of control systems is perfectly suited to all types of ventilators or configuration of buildings.